What We Do

Plan to Work is a Washington State benefit planning project.  It consists of a statewide call center and a network of specially trained Community Work Incentive Coordinators who provide one-on-one Benefits Analysis and Benefit Planning.

What can Plan to Work do for me?

If you receive Social Security disability benefits and live in the state of Washington, Plan to Work can help you:

  • Understand how working will affect your cash and/or medical benefits as well as other state-specific benefits;
  • Make informed decisions about the impact of employment on your overall financial well being;
  • Develop an individualized Work Incentive plan which allows you to make informed decisions as you work towards your goal of self-sufficiency;
  • Receive support in navigating programs and services of agencies and organizations at the Federal, State, and local levels.

Call Plan to Work at (866) 497-9443 to get started.

Will Plan to Work help me find a job?

While Plan to Work cannot help you find a job, our trained staff will help you understand work incentives, which are special programs such as Trial Work Period, Extended Period of Eligibility, and extended Medicaid and Medicare coverage that allow you to test working without losing needed benefits. Our staff can also help connect you to resources that might help in finding work.

For assistance from Plan to Work, or to be connected to agencies that will help with a job search, call (866) 968-7842.